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Our mission at New York School of Piano Tuning, Service & Repair is to provide professional training for the next generation of piano technicians, or anyone who has a passion for working on pianos.  Whether you want to tune concert pianos, service the lucrative home market, or prefer rebuilding and repairing pianos in your own shop, proper training is vital to the success of your work.


The school’s founder and Senior Instructor, Lou Tasciotti, trained in piano technology at the New England Conservatory of Music with Frank Hansen, the piano tuner for the Boston Symphony.  Mr. Tasciotti has since tuned pianos for legendary musicians from Chick Corea and Marvin Hamlisch to Van Cliburn and Aaron Copland, for the Boston Symphony and the New York Philharmonic.


Mr. Tasciotti has also been piano technician at several of the best music schools and conservatories in the country.  He is also co-founder of Dallas Piano Restorations in Texas, and has rebuilt hundreds of Steinway and other fine pianos in his career.


Mr. Tasciotti’s goal at New York School of Piano Tuning, Service & Repair is to pass down the art and the craft of piano work, a legacy passed down to him from previous generations of master piano craftsmen, and to continue the traditions of this rewarding music profession.

“The training I received from Lou Tasciotti enabled me to land a great job immediately upon completion and has been crucial to my successful career.”                 

                         --Jeff Reimer

Head technician and service manager for Steinway dealer, Joseph Shale Pianos.

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