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New York School of Piano Tuning, Service & Repair offers two 16-week evening classes to earn a certificate in piano technology and launch your professional piano-tuning career.  Convenient evening classes are currently offered on Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:00 - 9:00 pm in Yonkers at one of the finest piano rebuilding shops in the country.  Our hands-on classes teach you the practical skills needed to start earning income with confidence as a trained piano tuner and service technician.

16-Week Introductory Piano Tuning, Service & Repair Class teaches all the basic skills needed to start working professionally on pianos:

            Piano construction and tools

            Aural and visually aided tuning

            Grand and Upright action regulation

            Basic piano repairs

            Hammer filing and voicing

            Business practices

            Tuition $4,800

16-Week Advanced Piano Tuning, Service & Repair Class teaches

comprehensive skills needed to work on professional pianos:

            Hammer hanging

            Keyboard weighting          

            Action rebuilding

            Advanced grand action and damper regulation

            Advanced tuning and voicing

            Replacing broken agraffes and other advanced repairs

            Tuition $5,800

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